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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Google, the Anti-christ? The whores and the beast.

If the Anti-christ were, then surely it would want information. The beast of the information world is of course Google. Filter content for the whole planet, communist and republic alike? Jam a camera onto every doorstep in the "free" world and sell it as a service? Steal every book in the world and service its content as your own? Ya Google currently does that and more.

Google has licensed itself to spy on everyone and harvest every bit of intelligence known to mankind. Any engram with an iota of logic will know intelligence is the basis of strength on the battlefield. If you didnt know it the Earth is in a constant flux of war which involves everyone to some degree.

This is the litmus test between ignorance and complicity for those whom can see but are still blind. Just as information is a basis of power could the beast of Babylon indeed arise from Google architectural algorithms? Perhaps it already has. So if Google is the beast who is the whore that rides its back?

First off, what is a whore? A whore is one whom prostitutes itself continually.
What is a prostitute? Someone who takes payment for unwilling acts.
We currently live in a nation of unhappy rich whores it may be argued then.

To whom do you whore yourself to and why? You must ask yourself this right now before you read any further! What is the structure that whores its people onto each other? What acts you say make everyone a whore in the commercial world? One simple bit of logic.

When something (corporation, govt, religion) created by an individual or group of people has more rights than any single individual it is by definition an abomination. The natural universe cannot be mandated by man, yet every form of technology ever developed is regulated.

People have sold their souls literally to make a buck. Find a good job and put your children in good schools is the prime mover for many luciferians. Lucieferians I define as people whom seek the light yet live in the dark. The great thing for luciferian masters is that luciferian followers need never know that they truly are luciferic in deed. Thus the old adage of "ignorance is bliss" is appropriate.

Have you ever tried to attract a dogs attention if you don't know its name? When you know a dogs name it responds much greater to external stimulus. Trust is associated with this prime data. As you progress linearly complications of prime data manifest as govt, religions, family, corporation all with the single goal of definition. Its a function of the human element.

What is to be defined is the body and soul of every man woman and child in creation. Agents from the shadow have sought, fought and preserved a long ancient collective of manipulation throughout the ages. Their occult manifestations infest our culture as a secret reassurance of hegemony. If you are illiterate you cannot read, thus your information is filtered. Enslave the mind and there is no need to enslave the body.

As with an alcoholic acceptance is the first step to victory. So to shall we the people endeavor for greatness with responsibility towards all mankind in our attempts to bring individuality to any new order.

The popular motto of the Luciferians is "order from chaos". Seemingly most things Luciferic are "coins" if you will. A "coin" in that they represent one thing yet stand upon the principles of another, like that of a coin on a table. An example would be a social organization or corporation that has both a public and yet opposite private agenda. Luciferians promote "order from chaos" yet can there truly be chaos in a manipulated environment?

Or are we simply pawns in a grand architecture?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For whom the bell tolls, the meaning of wealth.

It seems to me that all the organizations are in place to perpetuate a global currency. As fiat is the master today it shall remain tomorrow I feel. Fiat currency is simply a contract. Who, what, when, where and why people fail to accept Fiat will be based on contract exchange. Whether you know it or not you are manifesting commercial contracts throughout your day by exchanging fiat. To come to a better understanding we must first define wealth.

What is wealth?
Is gold wealth?
Is intellect wealth?
Is labor wealth?

I observe that the only components of wealth are that of the body and soul or personal labor and intellect. Without these natural wealth's, physical external resources such as gold remain only as potential. If one were to believe that the entire basis of wealth was how intellect and labor manipulate resources then I suspect you would be close to a truth.

Essentially intellect is the primary multiplier in a complex manipulation of labor and resources that produces end goods that fulfill contract. Knowing that fiat is simply a mechanism of contract and that intellect is the prime multiplier of wealth what do you surmise?

I surmise that the greatest storehouse of intellect on Earth today resides within the vast US black operations complex. Thus logic would dictate that this will be the basis for new contracts or fiat. The tech based $ can, will and is being used to further modern hegemony. If you don't have $ you cant buy new tech. I feel the US may be on the verge of an economic paradigm that will push Americans to a new higher standard of living.

After all what would happen if the $ crashed and everyone cashed in their $ for whatever they could get? The US would be flooded in near worthless $?

What would then happen if the US suddenly releases licence to build new technologies by her allies for production and resale to the global market but these new items can only be purchased in $? The already flooded US $ market will explode in value seemingly overnight.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Commercialism V. Constitution

When does the fiction of the Corporation trump the intent of the Constitution? The reality of subservience that many openly subscribe to through labor trading into fiat is nothing less than modern slavery. Modern American men and women are little less than sharecroppers to Wall St and corporate interests. In America we do not own property we operate in the "shop store" and trade with shop IOUS. Our laws have been created in a fashion into which we are toothlessly ensnared and propagated. The basis of the "Iam" has no name and cannot be defined with simple naming mechanisms. However at birth you are given a name for which is your ledger of all things that ever transpire by you. A simple record that the institution uses to define you in its own eyes.

If you have noticed your entire social structure revolves around your name. If you choose to not accept your name or the structure which names you then you have no interest in the game, ask any judge. As the people realize this and dropout from society they will create the "rebels" that the "empire" wishes to engage. I can see abstracts of a future in which this is reality. I do not wish to find conflict I wish for resolution and an end to closed hegemonic corruption and self abasement of the populace.

It is in my firm belief that there exists within the US an agent that has diverged from constititionality. From the center breeds corruption and this disease will eventualy consume the body of the republic if not stopped. In an effort to stop US bloodshed I researched history a bit to see what our forefathers have done in times of crisis. In my reading I came across Marbury v Madisn and the Titles of Nobility Ammendment TONA. Int the TONA I found the simplest solution I feel to the greatest propblem.

Wheras the origianl US Constitution held a Titles of Nobility Clause it was heavily neutered in its mechanism to enforce many feel. Thus I found what I believe to be the Solution by some of the same founders several years later in the early 1800's In the form of the TONA. The TONA was to set the teeth into the Titles of Nobility clause by Amendment and by all accounts it actually did pass into law. Perhaps an audit of the Congress is in order becuase it's not in effect today?

I think someone tried to question congress once and it took 20 years and key people died in between or some such.

As an alternative to auditing congress I propose a new Amendment TONA2009. The simplest solution may be to just make a new Amendment and get everybody to get on board against corruption and treason.

As such I have drawn up a petition here and hope you sign.

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, foreign power, or secret society, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

Because really, if WE THE PEOPLE can't come together against dual loyalists what sort of nation are we? Dual Loyalty is UN-American!!

And while we are at it maybe we can come to solutions on...

Autonomous Identity(to stop data harvesting)
Autonomous asset backed Currency(gold worked for Aristotle)
True property ownership(end real estate)
Legitimate Free Internet Education K-PHD(create true public schools)

The development of a society in which you must sell your body and soul to survive is not natural its corporate. Dont be a slave. Dont let the corporations evolve us from a wolves into dogs.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Excerpts from the vault, circa 2008.

"A Meaning"

To appreciate a barking dog
one needs simply to listen,
to the howl of ones own soul.
Canine passion and anger is simple.
Through it I have come to understand
what it is to be.
As the animal never questions itself
it seems as I always shall.

"Yan and the Ying"

Animal passions, mutual desire.
Unspoken emotions.
Fulfilled in unison.
Pleasure overriding shame.
Instinct above intelligence.
Your body and mine.

"RE: Et al."

As I watch the passerby, I wonder and envy.
The stranger has a purpose and destination.
While I only have perception.
Reality is a point moving past me.
I can only guess beyond my experience
as to the nature of the passerby.


I wait for you to speak to me
As time passes, and you do not
I yearn for you to speak to me
As my time passes so do you.


What do I have to give,
other than what I have given.
What do i have to offer,
other than what I have taken.
I wish to give to you my love,
as it seems the only thing worth sharing.
My love is the only thing I can guarantee,
that shall always remain unbroken.

"The 5th Street Troll"

As the song of the concrete,
shelters me from the storm.

And the stony earth,
cradles me in a cold embrace.

I ponder what it is to be free,
yet alone.

Answers I seek,
to questions I do not know.
Purpose and acknowledgment,
the kindness of a stranger
The eagerness of companionship,
the acceptance of reality.

The sounds of the concrete,
my only comfort.

"Cursed be my name"

In the eagerness that fills my mind when you are away,
resides the same inability and fear that haunts me when you are near.

I cannot trust myself with my own decisions,
as rejection is something I cannot bear.

While I try in vain to approach,
All I experience is suffering.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Hegemony of Man

In all times there is the existence of social order. Currently much fear is felt amongst the peoples of our planet from our current regimes. The structure from which fear emanates resides in individual action not social policy however. Never work against your moral beliefs as doing such is prostitution to the Law of Man and is a mechanism of tacit slavery. By ways of our action and inaction we create reality everyday. Guilt and pride arise from these simple mechanisms and alter consciousness which further stimulates reality. Without a certain amount of chaos there would never be any stimulation and society perchance would stagnate...

Thus a Hegemony to maintain chaos has arisen and is commonplace today as it was yesterday. The control of labor and intellect or body and soul its only concern. I suspect you perceive a duality in society that is not to your taste as I have.

Please always endeavor for greatness in all things that you do wether they be small or large. Never subjugate yourself to the State nor the Soothsayer as this emboldens them and weakens you.

Always remember that there is no State apart from the people.