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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Hegemony of Man

In all times there is the existence of social order. Currently much fear is felt amongst the peoples of our planet from our current regimes. The structure from which fear emanates resides in individual action not social policy however. Never work against your moral beliefs as doing such is prostitution to the Law of Man and is a mechanism of tacit slavery. By ways of our action and inaction we create reality everyday. Guilt and pride arise from these simple mechanisms and alter consciousness which further stimulates reality. Without a certain amount of chaos there would never be any stimulation and society perchance would stagnate...

Thus a Hegemony to maintain chaos has arisen and is commonplace today as it was yesterday. The control of labor and intellect or body and soul its only concern. I suspect you perceive a duality in society that is not to your taste as I have.

Please always endeavor for greatness in all things that you do wether they be small or large. Never subjugate yourself to the State nor the Soothsayer as this emboldens them and weakens you.

Always remember that there is no State apart from the people.