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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Google, the Anti-christ? The whores and the beast.

If the Anti-christ were, then surely it would want information. The beast of the information world is of course Google. Filter content for the whole planet, communist and republic alike? Jam a camera onto every doorstep in the "free" world and sell it as a service? Steal every book in the world and service its content as your own? Ya Google currently does that and more.

Google has licensed itself to spy on everyone and harvest every bit of intelligence known to mankind. Any engram with an iota of logic will know intelligence is the basis of strength on the battlefield. If you didnt know it the Earth is in a constant flux of war which involves everyone to some degree.

This is the litmus test between ignorance and complicity for those whom can see but are still blind. Just as information is a basis of power could the beast of Babylon indeed arise from Google architectural algorithms? Perhaps it already has. So if Google is the beast who is the whore that rides its back?

First off, what is a whore? A whore is one whom prostitutes itself continually.
What is a prostitute? Someone who takes payment for unwilling acts.
We currently live in a nation of unhappy rich whores it may be argued then.

To whom do you whore yourself to and why? You must ask yourself this right now before you read any further! What is the structure that whores its people onto each other? What acts you say make everyone a whore in the commercial world? One simple bit of logic.

When something (corporation, govt, religion) created by an individual or group of people has more rights than any single individual it is by definition an abomination. The natural universe cannot be mandated by man, yet every form of technology ever developed is regulated.

People have sold their souls literally to make a buck. Find a good job and put your children in good schools is the prime mover for many luciferians. Lucieferians I define as people whom seek the light yet live in the dark. The great thing for luciferian masters is that luciferian followers need never know that they truly are luciferic in deed. Thus the old adage of "ignorance is bliss" is appropriate.

Have you ever tried to attract a dogs attention if you don't know its name? When you know a dogs name it responds much greater to external stimulus. Trust is associated with this prime data. As you progress linearly complications of prime data manifest as govt, religions, family, corporation all with the single goal of definition. Its a function of the human element.

What is to be defined is the body and soul of every man woman and child in creation. Agents from the shadow have sought, fought and preserved a long ancient collective of manipulation throughout the ages. Their occult manifestations infest our culture as a secret reassurance of hegemony. If you are illiterate you cannot read, thus your information is filtered. Enslave the mind and there is no need to enslave the body.

As with an alcoholic acceptance is the first step to victory. So to shall we the people endeavor for greatness with responsibility towards all mankind in our attempts to bring individuality to any new order.

The popular motto of the Luciferians is "order from chaos". Seemingly most things Luciferic are "coins" if you will. A "coin" in that they represent one thing yet stand upon the principles of another, like that of a coin on a table. An example would be a social organization or corporation that has both a public and yet opposite private agenda. Luciferians promote "order from chaos" yet can there truly be chaos in a manipulated environment?

Or are we simply pawns in a grand architecture?