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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For whom the bell tolls, the meaning of wealth.

It seems to me that all the organizations are in place to perpetuate a global currency. As fiat is the master today it shall remain tomorrow I feel. Fiat currency is simply a contract. Who, what, when, where and why people fail to accept Fiat will be based on contract exchange. Whether you know it or not you are manifesting commercial contracts throughout your day by exchanging fiat. To come to a better understanding we must first define wealth.

What is wealth?
Is gold wealth?
Is intellect wealth?
Is labor wealth?

I observe that the only components of wealth are that of the body and soul or personal labor and intellect. Without these natural wealth's, physical external resources such as gold remain only as potential. If one were to believe that the entire basis of wealth was how intellect and labor manipulate resources then I suspect you would be close to a truth.

Essentially intellect is the primary multiplier in a complex manipulation of labor and resources that produces end goods that fulfill contract. Knowing that fiat is simply a mechanism of contract and that intellect is the prime multiplier of wealth what do you surmise?

I surmise that the greatest storehouse of intellect on Earth today resides within the vast US black operations complex. Thus logic would dictate that this will be the basis for new contracts or fiat. The tech based $ can, will and is being used to further modern hegemony. If you don't have $ you cant buy new tech. I feel the US may be on the verge of an economic paradigm that will push Americans to a new higher standard of living.

After all what would happen if the $ crashed and everyone cashed in their $ for whatever they could get? The US would be flooded in near worthless $?

What would then happen if the US suddenly releases licence to build new technologies by her allies for production and resale to the global market but these new items can only be purchased in $? The already flooded US $ market will explode in value seemingly overnight.