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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Excerpts from the vault, circa 2008.

"A Meaning"

To appreciate a barking dog
one needs simply to listen,
to the howl of ones own soul.
Canine passion and anger is simple.
Through it I have come to understand
what it is to be.
As the animal never questions itself
it seems as I always shall.

"Yan and the Ying"

Animal passions, mutual desire.
Unspoken emotions.
Fulfilled in unison.
Pleasure overriding shame.
Instinct above intelligence.
Your body and mine.

"RE: Et al."

As I watch the passerby, I wonder and envy.
The stranger has a purpose and destination.
While I only have perception.
Reality is a point moving past me.
I can only guess beyond my experience
as to the nature of the passerby.


I wait for you to speak to me
As time passes, and you do not
I yearn for you to speak to me
As my time passes so do you.


What do I have to give,
other than what I have given.
What do i have to offer,
other than what I have taken.
I wish to give to you my love,
as it seems the only thing worth sharing.
My love is the only thing I can guarantee,
that shall always remain unbroken.

"The 5th Street Troll"

As the song of the concrete,
shelters me from the storm.

And the stony earth,
cradles me in a cold embrace.

I ponder what it is to be free,
yet alone.

Answers I seek,
to questions I do not know.
Purpose and acknowledgment,
the kindness of a stranger
The eagerness of companionship,
the acceptance of reality.

The sounds of the concrete,
my only comfort.

"Cursed be my name"

In the eagerness that fills my mind when you are away,
resides the same inability and fear that haunts me when you are near.

I cannot trust myself with my own decisions,
as rejection is something I cannot bear.

While I try in vain to approach,
All I experience is suffering.